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                            OUR MISSION STATEMENT
The primary purpose of the Rosedale Racers is to improve elite caliber and novice level runners into nationally ranked athletes. Therefore, each year we will organize, plan, and budget to attend regional meets as well as the National Championship. We strive to go beyond the development of the body, and pay attention to the development of our athletes minds through increasing self-discipline, self-esteem, and overall good sportsmanship. We believe that a great medium for bestowing these virtues onto our runners is athletics and in particular track and field. 

The future coaches and leaders of the Rosedale Racers must believe in this vision and share the founding principals and philosophy of developing young athletes in the sports of Track and Field and Cross Country. We believe that the opportunity for growth can be realized objectively by hard work, setting goals, expanding confidence levels, and an extraordinary passion for the sport in the spirit of competition. 

Finally, the Rosedale Racers club is a charitable organization offering scholarships and travel expense aid not only to faithful achievers, but also to those families who are less fortunate.  Rosedale Racers is proud to say that we allocate as much as 15% of the budget each year to help out those who might be economically challenged or who reside in the inner-city and perhaps have a lesser chance under the given circumstances to meet the financial requirements to participate and travel to national caliber events.  Rosedale Racers is even prouder to be affiliated with some very faithful sponsors who through their extreme generosity allow for the dream of these children to come true. 


Sponsorship                                               25,000.00
Gifts/Donations/Contributions                    5,000.00
Registration Fees                                         3,500.00
Grants                                                           5,000.00

A) Fireworks                                                10,000.00
B) Car Washes                                              5,000.00
C) Rummage Sales                                      1,000.00                     
D)  Pizza Parties                                              800.00

PROJECTED REVENUE                             55,300.00

Fundraising  Expenses                               5,000.00
Scholarships to Needy                                9,000.00

A) Airline Tickets                                       12,500.00
B) Lodging                                                   3,900.00
C) Food                                                         3,200.00 
D) Rent-a –Car                                              1,400.00
E) Gas                                                            1,000.00 
F) Miscellaneous                                          2,500.00        

Uniforms                                                       6,250.00        
Office Supplies                                                900.00
Promotion/Flyers                                          2,550.00
Equipment                                                     2,250.00
Tax and legal Fees                                           800.00
Insurance and Membership Dues                  350.00
Awards, Meeting, Dinners                            1,250.00
 PROJECTED EXPENSES                      53,200.00